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Autumn. 21.
Happily taken.
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I like Cady Groves & Chipotle A LOT.


i find it really weird how we can talk to ourselves in our head like how does that even work

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buying clothes that aren’t black is hard

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There’s a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough Ice cream calling my nameeee

yoooooooo i wish i had some of that

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So I have this friend that says if he has a girlfriend and she decides to wear something (like leggings/yoga pants) that he doesn’t think is appropriate for the public, he’ll make her change and claims that she is “his” like he owns her and it’s like NO FUCK YOU, YOU DON’T OWN A WOMAN’S BODY

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hairstyles change your entire appearance don’t even try to tell me they don’t

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shit shawty look fine as hell lemme turn my brightness up a lil

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Spoiler alert: adulthood is 96% of you going “well, I hope this is how it works and I’ll keep doing it till someone yells at me”

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4/20? You mean 1/5 reduce your fractions did you even learn math

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“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

Marilyn Monroe (via kushandwizdom)

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