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Autumn. 21.
Happily taken.
I track 'awhtumn'

I like Cady Groves & Chipotle A LOT.


when u put on a song u like at a party that no one knows


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Similar Taste, Similar Touch (rough demo) Lyrics

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Things he tastes like:

  • you (only sweeter)

Things you were:

  • my picket fence

Things I’ll be:

  • your number one with a bullet

Things my songs know:

  • what you did in the dark

Things I’ve got:

  • troubled thoughts
  • the self esteem to match
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does anyone else regret not attending concerts that happened before you were even a fan of the band because I do and it hurts

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how many whats until you give up on trying to hear what the person is saying

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my eeyore selfie hasn’t gotten ANY notes and now i wanna cry

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Yesterday I drove my little sister (she’s 7) to GameStop and when I was trying to pull up directions she said, “Autumn, I think a snail just passed us.” and I was like “????”

She said I was driving too slow. 

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